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An Accounting Department in A Box

Published by Ronald Parisi on February 2, 2021

At CPA On Fire, we provide virtual CFO services for online businesses. There is an aspect to these services that we refer to as An Accounting Department in A Box.


All great companies have superior processes when it comes to their business models; just look at McDonalds, Chick-Fila-A, Starbucks. McDonalds knew they were not making the best tasting hamburgers in the business, but they were able to get a good product out within a fast timeframe. This set them apart from others in the industry. We bring Fortune 500 Accounting Systems to growing entrepreneurs and their businesses. That way you can also have a superior process.

As the owner of your business, your number 1 focus needs to be growing your company and utilizing your specific skill to improve operations. Great leaders surround themselves with professionals that can support their vision. This follows the Who Not How principle that we have talked about in previous blogs.

We are here to take everything in your business’s accounting arena and create systems and practices within your company that drive profitability. We take the unnecessary tasks off your plate and support your vision of growing your business. This helps remove unpredictability from your financial life and create a steady means of business growth.


If you are interested in finding out more about how CPA On Fire can help your profit trajectory, schedule a free 15-minute financial review call with us.

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