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Thank you for taking the time to contact CPA on Fire. We love it when existing and potential customers reach out to us or look through our website. We want you to know that one of the things that truly sets our organization apart is our passion for each and every one of our clients. We exist to serve you. We started our organization for the sole purpose of making sure that you get the ease of mind when it comes to all of your tax and accounting needs. We know that in today’s day and age it can be very challenging and frustrating for organizations to stay up-to-date on all the latest information that is out there, and we want you to know that we exist to take that burden away from you. We truly exist to serve you. We exist to do these challenging tax and accounting items so that you can have complete and total peace of mind. You can rest assured to know that when you choose to partner with our organization, you are working with an organization that values you and values your organization. We care about people. We started our business so that we could get to know you and build long-term business relationships. We are so thrilled that you would take the time to look into our organization and we want you to know that if you have any questions at all, please reach out to us. We would love to answer them and begin taking steps towards building the long-term business relationship that will be beneficial for you.

CPA on Fire got started years ago when we saw a huge gap in the market. We noticed that there was a complete lack of confidence for most organizations in the CPAs that they were partnering with. Additionally, we noticed that the majority of CPA firms were constantly filing for extensions and were doing a subpar job of keeping their partners up to date on all of the necessary information, documentation etc. We are determined to set out and make a change in our industry. Additionally, we decided that we would make our services virtual so that we can serve people not only in our own community but across the nation. As we have done this, we truly have risen to the top of the list for people all across this great nation. Our clients have been blown away by not only the level of service and excellence that we provide but the expertise and efficiency that we are able to bring to them and every interaction. We value being on time. We highly value being excellent. We wake up each and every day excited to come to work and help organizations just like yours get the results that you need. We’ve designed every aspect of our company to be able to serve you. Whether you’re looking into our founder, Ron Parisi, or anyone else that works here, you can feel confident to know that we have intentionally vetted each and every one of our employees and you are going to get to the high level of excellence in service that you deserve. Give us the opportunity to earn your business today. Contact us right now to learn more. We would love to schedule a free consultation.

Here at CPA on Fire, we are also very intentional about ensuring that our organization maintains a very specific culture. One of the most essential elements of our culture is a foundation of integrity. This is a core value that we choose to live by. This is a core value that Ron Parisi lives not only in his own life but has brought into this business. One of the things that you quickly learn when you are working with people’s money is that they are very concerned with what is happening and how their financial information is being handled. Because of this, we have found that when they work with our organization they find such great relief knowing that we provide full transparency throughout the entire process. Additionally, we partner you with a rep that handles your specific account and will keep you up-to-date throughout the year on all necessary information. Our goal is to truly go above and beyond to that you never have to guess how things are going in your organization. You truly can have full confidence to be able to sit back and know that experts are taking care of all of your tax and accounting needs. Whether we are dealing with your payroll or helping you with business strategies for working on your comprehensive tax strategy, you truly can feel confident to know that we are the professionals that get the job done right and do it with integrity. Give us the opportunity to prove this to you right away. Call us now.

Finally, we here at CPA on Fire want you to understand that another one of our core values is excellence. Given the nature of the type of work that we do each and every day, we understand that you cannot take lightly the type of information that we deal with and the need for attention to detail. Because of that, we have been very intentional to make sure that we never skimp things. We always dive deep into the details to ensure that every T’s crossed and every eye is dotted. Our commitments to excellence truly drive each and every one of our employees and bring such relief to every one of our clients. As you get to know us and find out for yourself that this is true from the beginning to the end of your experience, you will rest assured knowing that you have found the organization that you can trust both now and long into the future. Don’t wait any longer. Our team is ready to be contacted by you. We are ready to get to know you. We are ready to come up with a customized package that’ll be perfect for your needs. Give us the chance to begin to partner together today. Contact us right now. We look forward to serving you both now long into the future.

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