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Who Not How – What This Means for You and Us

Published by Ronald Parisi on November 23, 2020

Hopefully by now you have heard of the book Who Not How by Benjamin Hardy and Dan Sullivan. I highly recommend it – we’re sending a copy to all our vCFO clients. I confess to being a longtime follower of Dan Sullivan and avid reader of Benjamin Hardy.

This book is about achieving exponential growth. Who Not How instructs you to surround yourself with talented team members who are responsible for the Hows of your organization. The old model of figuring out what you need to do, figuring out how to do it, and figuring out how to train someone to do it is one of limited growth. The Who Not How mindset allows businesses and entrepreneurs like yourselves to grow at unprecedented rates.

In my favorite section, Dean Jackson talks about two types of issues: (1) technical issues – ones that can be solved by other people; and (2) adaptive issues – ones you only can solve. What are the areas of your business where you, and only you, can complete with excellence?  May be representing your brand on podcasts, developing sophisticated processes to serve your clients, etc. These adaptive issues should be your focus every day.

For all technical issues, surround yourself with the right Who’s. This allows you to do what you are best at and allows others to operate at what they are best at.

Where CPA on Fire Comes In:

We have built CPA on Fire on the Who not How principal (obvious before the book was written).  Our team is the very crucial Who to the growing entrepreneur. Very few entrepreneurs are experts at bookkeeping, taxes, reporting.

Once the entrepreneur off-loads the burden of accounting & taxes AND focuses 100% on the adaptive issues they are best at, their results skyrocket.  By bringing a different perspective, we can analyze profit drivers and direct your attention to what truly brings success to YOU and your business.

Our goal is to help online entrepreneurs lead awesome lives by taking away their complexity.  Leading our clients to transformational growth, and enjoying the process. Often entrepreneurs get sidelined by unimportant projects that bring very little value to the organization itself.

Through our experience, the Who Not How mindset equates to growth for years to come, allowing you to do the things you are great at, leaving all the less desired tasks to folks that love them!

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