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The Unconventional CFO

Your business is not conventional. You didn’t get here by doing things the same way everyone else does. So why should your financial management be dry and conventional?

Not all CFOs are cut from the same cloth. Meet the unconventional CFO.

In the past, CFOs were expected to have degrees in accounting or business administration. Now, a successful CFO needs to bring a lot more skills to the table—for example they might have a background in marketing, sales, teaching, or even psychology. The key is to understand the role that finance plays in a successful entrepreneurial business—and how to direct those resources toward the most profitable ends.

The CFO of a growth-oriented business should share the same bold, fearless attitude that makes such companies successful—not the risk-averse approach that characterizes more established enterprises. But the expertise and strategies your business really needs can’t readily be filled by one person—one Chief Financial Officer.

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Let us explain.

Let’s pretend for a minute that your company is sitting somewhere between the $1M–$10M revenue mark. Congratulations, first of all! As you already know, you’re in the top 5% by making it this far. We know you’re just getting started and we also know that the strategies you’ll need to take to get your business to $20M and $50M and beyond are going to be very, very different than the ones that brought you here.

So, let’s peel the curtain back on the financial function of your business and what you need to go next level.

For a company of your size, here’s a list of the financial functions that need to be filled either part-time or full-time.

We’re not going to sugar coat it. Your business is going to need some serious financial chops if you’re serious about going next level.

And you will need all this expertise in one way or another. Maybe you have big expansion plans—multiple locations, new industry verticals, or new products and services? Maybe you want to buy out a competitor or you’re interested in financing or VC money? Or perhaps you just want to push your business to the limit and sell it for the biggest check possible.

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But the question is, who is going to lead your financial growth and also run your financial engine?

The conventional way (also known as the slow, expensive way) is to hire and build your financial team inhouse. But do you really want to spend your time hiring and then managing them? All that extra overhead, all that extra time and stress. And would you even know if they’re doing a great job?

We offer a far easier way.

We call it the “Unconventional CFO” because instead of you plowing your money into hiring one person, we give you a fraction of everything your business needs—and none of what it doesn’t—for a fraction of the cost.

In other words, our financial team begins where your financial team ends.

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