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Dynamic , Goal-oriented Accounting

As essential as accurate bookkeeping is to a successful business, it is not the same as growth accounting.

Bookkeepers assemble the numbers. Accountants make sense of the numbers. Growth CPAs take both to another level to plan and strategize.

Certified Public Accountant is a professional designation conferred to qualified individuals by the Board of Accountancy of individual states. CPAs generally have at least a bachelor’s degree in business administration, finance, or accounting, as well as two or more years of experience in public accounting. They must also pass a rigorous examination known as the Uniform CPA Exam. As impressive as this might sound, the reality is that most CPAs barely check the boxes in terms of providing entrepreneurial companies with the financial support and insight they really need. You can choose to become the clients of a big box CPA firm, where you’re one of hundreds or thousands of clients they have to churn through. Or you can pick a smaller CPA type firm who also likely has an overwhelming workload (especially at tax time) and can do little more than focus on compliance.

You and your business deserve much better.

Your team at CPA on Fire includes top-level “growth CPAs” who understand the high demands of quality accounting and the unique needs of an entrepreneurial business—and will make sure you get the best service and advice possible.

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No More Rear-Vision Accounting! Most importantly, your CPA On Fire team won’t just give you a backward-looking view of past performance. We’ll help you use the numbers to get where you want to go in the future.

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