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What Our Clients Are Saying

“Hire CPA On Fire right away. The average business owner doesn’t know how much money they’re losing because they don’t have a partner like CPA On Fire.”
– Kelly Roach Business Consulting

How Kelly Roach Used CPA On Fire To Build Her Coaching Empire

Meet Kelly Roach, a successful business coach helping six- and seven-figure entrepreneurs build their businesses through hustle and hard work. Growing her own business posed challenges, like realizing she had outgrown her bookkeeper when she went from a startup to a kick-butt trailblazing company.

She needed a strategic partner.

What impressed Kelly the most about CPA On Fire? The day-to-day operations. CPA on Fire has a deep understanding of business model goals and challenges, which allows them to tailor their services to the specific needs of their clients. This level of customization has been invaluable in helping clients make strategic financial decisions and drive their business to the next level.


Always Accessible

“The accessibility and responsiveness of Ron and his team are truly impressive. They are always available to answer questions, provide guidance, and address our concerns. Whether it’s a quick phone call, an email exchange, or a virtual meeting, they prioritize relationships and truly care about the success of our business. With CPA On Fire, you never feel like you are using rearview financials and can stay on top of your financial situation with real-time data.”


Revolutionized Our Reporting

“Working with CPA On Fire has revolutionized our financial management and reporting processes. Their ability to generate real-time data and insights allows us to make informed decisions on a week-by-week basis. Rather than relying on stale, outdated reports, we now have access to up-to-date data that drives our financial strategy. This proactive approach has set our growth and success ablaze.”


Superpowered Expertise

“Not only do they have superpowered expertise, CPA On Fire stands out for their integrity and dedication to our success. Ron and his team are always there for us through peaks and challenges (which every business experiences). Whether assisting with staff transitions, offering guidance during periods of uncertainty, or simply being a sounding board for our ideas, they have consistently demonstrated their commitment to our long-term success.”


Strategic Partner

“Choosing CPA On Fire as our financial strategy partner has been one of our best decisions as a growing business. They are one of the only vendors we have stayed with as our business has grown over eight figures and even in launching new companies beyond that because they’ve been able to grow and evolve with us. When growing your business, you tend to outgrow vendors quickly because they can’t evolve with you.”


Proactive Approach

“The CPA On Fire team is dynamic, flexible, and knowledgeable. Their custom reporting, real-time feedback, and proactive approach to financial management have remarkably impacted our operations. Their priority of being a relational partner, personalized service, and unwavering support have made them a necessary addition to our business. If you’re seeking a financial partner who will truly invest in your success and help drive your business forward, we strongly recommend CPA On Fire.”

Liberty Loves Company, and Especially Their Superpowered Financial Team

Meet Erica and Caitie, two fiercely driven women running a small but fast-growing company—and by fast growing, we mean they just made the Inc. 5000 list! Liberty & Co is a super-strategic, multi-disciplinary branding, marketing, and experiential agency.

Founders Erica Boeke and Caitie Murphy, two media industry veterans, met while working at Wired Magazine. They were used to running multi-million-dollar budgets, but had no idea how to start a small business. They used their passion and drive to start Liberty & Company, which quickly began to grow. Soon, the two found themselves growing out of the “friend of a friend bookkeeper” they had been using. Enter CPA On Fire. The following is a summary of how CPA On Fire has become integral to Liberty & Co’s business.


They Understood Our Challenges

“We were open to exploring new options and finding the right partner to guide us through this critical phase of our business. When we first connected with CPA On Fire, it was clear that they understood the challenges we faced as a growing company. We were looking to graduate from our previous accounting approach and prepare for a future with multiple possibilities. With a diverse portfolio of clients and our intellectual property, we knew that we needed a more sophisticated way of managing our books and navigating complex financial waters.”


Attentive To Our Unique Needs

“What impressed us right from the start was how attentive Ron, the founder of CPA On Fire, was to our specific business needs. He took the time to listen and truly understand our unique situation. He brought on a team of women to work with us, which resonated with our identity as a women-owned company.”


A Reliable and Strategic Partner

“Having a reliable and strategic partner like CPA On Fire has been instrumental in our growth and adaptation. Ron and his team have become the voice of partnership and guidance as we continue to expand. Their expertise and advice have allowed us to clean up our financial processes, prospect for future opportunities more effectively, and prepare for the path ahead.”


Instrumental to Helping Us Scale

“Our revenue steadily grew from $400,000 in our first year to $3.4 million during a challenging period like COVID-19, and CPA On Fire helped us navigate the complexities of scaling our business. They provided the necessary support to clean up our previous accounting practices, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in our financial operations. They also helped us establish a solid foundation for growth, offering valuable insights and strategies tailored to our unique circumstances.”


Deep Understanding of Our Business

“CPA On Fire’s professionalism, dedication, and expertise surpassed our expectations, making every interaction and collaboration seamless and effective. Their commitment to our success and their deep understanding of our business has elevated our confidence and allowed us to focus on what we do best—serving our clients and developing innovative solutions.”


A Transformative Partnership

“Our partnership with CPA On Fire has been transformative for our business. With their Swiss army knife talents, we have successfully transitioned from a small startup to a fast-growing company equipped with the financial framework to thrive in an ever-evolving market. We are grateful for the trusted advice and strategic guidance they provide. We highly recommend CPA On Fire to fellow entrepreneurs and business owners looking to take their accounting and financial management to the next level.”


“In a market where accounting firms are a dull commodity, Ron, Chad, Amber, and everyone else on the team truly bring the fire to their work. Their passion and dedication for their clients is so tangible. Don’t think twice about contacting them!!”

Adriana Hudson


“I always get the sense that they care about me and my business. I’ve recommended them to many fellow business owners over the years who have also had very positive experiences.”

Micheal Terrell


“They go above and beyond to make sure my business and personal taxes are done right, and on time. I would recommend them without hesitation to anyone looking for an accountant to take care of their business.”

Rhamy Alejeal


“Working with them is easy and they will proactively help your business rather than bogging you down with a ton of questions and tasks that make it feel like you’re doing your own accounting.”

Pat Haggerty


“They solve a lot of my needs as a digital entrepreneur. It’s important and extremely comforting to be able to use a firm that understands online businesses and e-commerce.”

Kevin Morton


“They do a great job communicating the details, answering questions, and helping us navigate our taxes and other accounting related things. Highly recommended.”

Carey Green


“I’ve trusted CPA On Fire for the duration of my business and I’ve never been disappointed. They’re smart, organized, thorough, and most of all, incredibly responsive. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for bookkeeping, accounting, and tax season, look no further”

Ben Butler


“Ron and his team at CPA On Fire provide excellent client service. Ron’s extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, combined with professionalism and can-do attitude, set this firm apart. I highly recommend using his services.”

Jeannine Lawrie


“CPA On Fire has a great team and has always been consistent with their attention and support for our business. They always provide good honest advice and are willing to put in the extra time to ensure your business is on track.”

Marcus Zickefoose


“I have worked with Ron for the past 10 years. Ron operates with the highest integrity and with a standard of ethics second to none. Plus, he is an all-around great guy. I highly recommend Ron and CPA On Fire to anyone looking for a virtual CFO and taking their business to the next financial level.”

Chris Midthun

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