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An Unconventional Accounting Firm That’s Disrupting the Industry and Forging the Way for Entrepreneurs

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Once upon a time, many years ago…

(Just kidding, we thought we’d start our origin story this way as it’s how all good stories start, but your time is valuable, so we’ll get to the point).

Our founder, Ron Parisi, started on the traditional fast-track career path in accounting. He checked all the boxes. A hard-working, ambitious, business astute CPA who also became an attorney, Ron quickly rose to the top of his field working for several of the top 5 accounting firms. He worked in New York, Chicago, and Silicon Valley winning the trust, respect and accounts of some of America’s most wealthy families and business owners.

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Embracing Entrepreneurship

The more Ron worked with successful entrepreneurs, the more he realized he was a square peg in a round, corporate hole. He would never be happy working for someone else and it also explained why he never felt he fitted in with corporate culture – he hated making small talk at cocktail parties, he saw opportunities where his colleagues saw obstacles, and he didn’t like someone else deciding how much money he’d earn that year.

Revolutionizing Accounting for Entrepreneurs

So, Ron threw in the towel at his corporate job, bought his first accounting firm and dove, headfirst, into rebuilding the business model from the ground up. This meant no bloated hourly rates, no opaque pricing and no unexpected invoices. Instead, simple, flat fee, fully transparent pricing that gave entrepreneurs access to some of the country’s finest financial, business and tax experts. But not just access – real financial advocacy and an expert in their corner, looking after their company’s finances and those of their families.


Ron also made an important realization – how underserved emerging and hyper-growth entrepreneurial companies were by traditional CPAs or big box firms. Not only that but they were also locked out of the advanced accounting and money accumulation strategies used by his wealthiest clients.

Curious to learn more? Access a copy of Ron’s book Financial Superpowers below.

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