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Worried your CPA isn’t a real tax expert? Feel like you’re overpaying your taxes? Thinking about investing in real estate but not sure how to structure things? Get the best strategies for entrepreneurs explained in plain English.

When It Comes to Managing Your Taxes, What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You?

hair on fire

The “Hair on Fire” Entrepreneur

You’re probably dealing with crises of many kinds on a daily basis and you’re in survival mode. As a result, you’re pretty much winging your taxes, possibly panic stricken about paying a large tax bill come April. This is probably making you lose sleep. You might have some tax compliance concerns and the idea of the IRS knocking at your door with an audit team is something you might be thinking about. A lot. If this is you, don’t feel bad. It’s not your fault. We can help.


The “Short-Termer/Treading Water” Entrepreneur

You sleep well at night knowing your company, and you personally are tax compliant but you’re not thinking about the long play when it comes to tax savings. You’re someone who says to their accountant “gimme all the tax deductions you can this year” not realizing that this short-term approach can mean you’re paying more than double taxes in the future which strangles your cash flow and can be another barrier to growing your wealth. This also isn’t your fault. We can help.


The “Blue Sky” Entrepreneur

Ah, yes, the holy grail. Your next level thinking means you don’t concern yourself with short term tax plays because your tax strategy is fully optimized which means that Uncle Sam is not freeloading on your back. Your wealth accumulation is on the fast track. You’re focused on the big goals, new markets, more profit, bigger customers. This play is all about long-term tax planning, which is a complex beast depending on your personal situation and the unique circumstances of your business. It’s best left to the true tax experts (ahem, we have a department of these). If this is you, congratulations, we salute you—and we still think we can help because we are quietly confident that our tax experts are among the best there are.

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