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The CFO’s Playbook- Igniting Financial Superpowers for 7-8 figure businesses

Published by Ronald Parisi on December 8, 2023


Hey, CPA on Fire friends! We’re thrilled to kick off this podcast journey, as we start On Fire Fridays Season 2 The CFO’s Playbook- Igniting Financial Superpowers for 7-8 figure businesses, offering a unique perspective on financial operations tailored for entrepreneurs and business owners!

This podcast is your go-to resource if you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, particularly with an established business eyeing growth. We’re here to shed light on financial operations, providing valuable insights and tools to optimize profitability and fuel positive cash flow. We aim to offer a fresh perspective on financial strategies, helping you navigate the complexities of the business landscape.

CPA On Fire has evolved under Ron Parisi’s leadership since 2019, expanding from tax-focused services to comprehensive financial advisory. We understand the unique challenges faced by online entrepreneurs, and our expertise lies in offering tailored solutions to fuel profitability, growth, and impact.

We invite you to join us every Friday to tune in to The CFO’s Playbook- Igniting Financial Superpowers for 7-8 figure businesses as we delve into various topics, from optimizing profitability and positive cash flow to long-term tax planning strategies. We’ll explore real-world scenarios, share success stories, and even bring on entrepreneurs who’ve successfully navigated their financial journeys.

We’re passionate about supporting your business growth and making a positive impact. Stay tuned for actionable insights, expert interviews, and discussions that can transform the way you approach financial operations. We can’t wait to embark on your entrepreneurial journey with you and ignite your financial superpowers!

Here’s where you can listen in to our podcasts:

YouTube- CPA on Fire

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