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How Accountants Make Business Owners Money

Published by Ronald Parisi on April 7, 2023

An interesting question that’s always been asked of me over the years is, “How does an accountant or a vCFO make money for the Entrepreneur?”. You as an Entrepreneur are always on the cutting edge of what’s new and what’s innovative for your business. Then, looking at the financial side of the business, and looking at accounting– things appear old school and formulaic.  “All I need is a bookkeeper and a tax preparer at the end of the year”. 

While it is tough to break down all that an accountant or we, at CPA on Fire, bring to your business, I’m hitting on the THREE big items that a vCFO can bring into your business-

  1. Clarity and New light- there are a lot of time tested tools on evaluating businesses through tools like financial statements. And as a financial expert, looking at these tools in depth will help us provide businesses with new insights so they can look at revenue and profit drivers in a new light. 
  2. Taxes– this will be your largest expense over time. CPA on Fire can build you a tax plan so we can strategize up until a 10 year block  for tax savings and lower your liability in that time period. 
  3. A Systematic Wealth Accumulation plan- reviewing and planning our strategy for your business over a period of time helps us understand the health of your business – what to reinvest back or what we can diversify. 

These 3 big items are just some of the areas that we at CPA on Fire cover during monthly and quarterly reviews with our clients, which I hope will also provide you with a better understanding of how accountants or a vCFO can make a difference to your businesses. 

CPA on Fire can help you focus on the key items of your business by helping with your financial operations. We have vast experience working with entrepreneurs who have businesses in the e-commerce, coaching, and other online business communities. If you are looking for a highly qualified and experienced accountant, bookkeeper, or vCFO, let’s connect! We will show you what we can do for your business to help you grow exponentially. 

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