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CPA On Fire About Us

About CPA on Fire

We are group of accounting & tax professionals (CPAs, enrolled agents & caring souls) that understand entrepreneurs. We believe in the entrepreneurial dream because we witness it every day.

Who We Help

We’ll Help Realize Your Full Potential

Over my 25+ year career, I’ve seen too many entrepreneurs fail to realize their company’s full potential. The main reason – financial operations were ineffective, non-existent, or broke.

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Solo Entrepreneurs

We have helped a solo entrepreneur go from $150,000 annual revenues to $1.5MM in just one year.

Growing Companies

Through our financial operations system, we helped a small company go from $2MM annual revenues to $20MM+ in only two years.

We are an Expert Team of Financial Gurus

We’re a fully-remote team of fifteen people who help growing online entrepreneurs handle the complexity that comes with growth. Our successful clients know that spending more time working with their clients, building their businesses and less time stressing about their accounting, taxes, and regulation will lead to exponential success.

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What We Do

Our On Fire System™ Helps You Simplify & Scale

Time to off-load your financial complexity—we create financial dashboards allowing you, the business owner, clarity on your performance. Our services center on financial reporting, tax saving strategies and wealth accumulation. Our propriety system, the “On Fire System™,” is a two-step process that allows you to stay in your area of expertise, with less stress.


60-day Financial Clarity Intensive

Over the course of 60-days, we meticulously review, organize, evaluate and set your business up for success.


Acceleration Program

A weekly, monthly, or quarterly program comprised of customized tools to manage your business, while we care for all your accounting, tax planning and compliance needs.


60-Day Financial Clarity Intensive

Within 60 days, our team will upgrade your financial operations to allow your business to excel at the highest level possible.

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Organize your financial picture, reconcile all financial accounts. Build your financial engine.
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Benchmark your profit drivers to others in your industry to see how you measure up and can outpace.
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Review 2 years of past tax returns and optimize your tax savings (uncover hidden savings that might have been missed).
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Analyze your cash flow, make recommendations, and optimize your wealth building processes.

Why Do We Work With Entrepreneurs?

We make every effort to allow our clients to succeed. Leveraging knowledge from other successful entrepreneurs (our clients), technology and love of the journey, we created the On Fire System™. It has helped 100’s of entrepreneurs achieve amazing levels of success. Start your 60 day journey today.

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Let’s talk truth – Entrepreneurs (5% of the population) are NOT like everyone else. We have a hard time making small talk at cocktail parties. We want to do, create and leave a large impact on this world. During my career at a large international accounting firm, then law firm, I did not fit in. At the time, I didn’t understand why. I am an entrepreneur and now I built an accounting and advisory firm to service them.

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Meet the Owner

Ron Parisi, CPA, JD

Ron is dedicated to utilizing his 25+ years of accounting and tax experience to assist other entrepreneurs. Ron’s accounting and business insights have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Accounting Today and other national publications.

As a senior executive, Ron built a multimillion-dollar, national book of business based on his accounting and tax expertise and its relationship to modern business landscape and risks.

Ron provides his expertise in a relaxed, plain-spoken and useful manner. Ron doesn’t speak in technical, accounting/tax jargon to impress. Rather, his aim is for the client to learn what they need to run their business as profitably and effectively as possible.

Ron assists his clients with moving beyond “compliance thinking”. Within a short period of working together, clients see their business in a new light.

Real, measurable results emerge.


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Get a jump on optimizing your financial operations like other growing online entrepreneurs.

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