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Who we are

Simply, we are a group of professionals who service on-line entrepreneurs with their financial reporting needs. We dominate our corner of the world – accounting, bookkeeping, business strategy, payroll and taxes.
Among our clients, we witness what works and what doesn’t – and bring that into every one of our conversations.
Our aim is twofold – 1) do the work, allow you more time in your day; and 2) provide you tools and insight on your businesses to optimize their performance – growth, profitability, larger impact.

We believe everyone has unique skill sets. This is Dan Sullivan’s concept of Unique Ability. Our clients are creative, entrepreneurial folks with lots of energy and perseverance. Our goal is to take on their financial requirements to allow them to make the greatest impact in our society.

We support those looking to make the world a better place. Our clients have services, knowledge and products to make the world better. We are honored to assist those to make the biggest impact and influence as many people.

Our history starts with the relationship with John Lee Dumas on Entrepreneur on Fire, and his Fire Nation. Over six years, we have witnessed John bring valuable content to his followers inspiring and coaching countless successful businesses.

Although we have jobs, we don’t see ourselves as nine-to-fivers. Each team member carries the entrepreneurial spirit as we serve our clients. We speak the same language.

Allow us to use our business acumen to remove your financial requirements off your plate so you can achieve success and crush your goals.

One communication goal is to speak with as little “accounting and tax” vernacular as possible. We are very good at what we do, we do not need to prove it by speaking over our clients’ heads.

We acknowledge that sometimes the idea of taxes, accounting and bookkeeping have folk’s heads spinning and brings cold sweats at night. If you are looking for plain spoken advisors, you are in the right place.
We know the challenges entrepreneurs face and we know how much most of them hate the accounting side of things. Because of that, we try to provide free general resources such as informational articles and our bookkeeping spreadsheet, as well as paid, personal services like Virtual CFO services and do-it-all tax strategy, planning and preparation. If you are tired of trying to figure this stuff out on your own or aren’t happy with the service you are currently getting, let’s talk.

The story behind our CFO services by Ron:

A number of years ago I was brought in as part of a turnaround team for a struggling company. One of the co-members on the turnaround team was a long-tendered CFO. During our time together (during some intense meetings), this gentleman spoke with such insight but also with frankness. He brought an attitude I’ve never seen in all my years working in/with Big Four accounting firms and large law firms. This insight and perspective is what I bring every day to my current clients. I’ve been working with mid sized to small businesses all my career, the last five years particularly assisted in a virtual CFO role. I bring my 25 years of insight of accounting and tax and business insight documents to my clients regularly.

I believe every organization needs a CFO perspective that can put it in perspective. I recognize good CFOs range between 175 upwards to $450,000 in annual salary. Many $1 million-$10 million firms cannot handle that expense or need daily CFO type services. That is why we have created our CFO virtual CFO service package.


Tax Strategy, Planning & Preparation

Good tax strategy starts with books readily accessible throughout the year understanding not only what your bank balances are, but also what your tax liability is in that structure. Tax planning starts with proper structure and continuous observance and planning. Often clients come to me after the year and tell me and their books tell me that they’ve made a good amount of money, more than last year. There’s very little maybe some retirement structuring savings that we can do but there’s very but my hands are limited or tied as to what we can do holistically. Regarding structure maybe you’re like me and never see yourself and tiring and this is your passion while there be different tax planning for that or do you have the idea that this is the business that you want to start grow and sell as there is a different planning strategy for that in some good tax savings begin with proper structure and readily accessible books. I created a short four-point summary of changes for this tax year. IRS planning cyber cryptocurrency rather FBAR huge penalties estimated taxes don’t leave yourself owing more than you have to.

Ron Parisi, CPA, JD – Managing Member

Ron is dedicated to utilizing his 25+ years of accounting and tax experience to assist other entrepreneurs.
Ron’s accounting and business insights have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, Accounting Today and other national publications. As a senior executive, Ron built a multi-million-dollar, national book of business based on his accounting and tax expertise and its relationship to modern business landscape and risks.
Ron provides his expertise in a relaxed, plain-spoken and useful manner. Ron doesn’t speak in technical, accounting/tax jargon to impress. Rather, his aim is for the client to learn what they need to run their business as profitably and effectively as possible.

Ron assists his clients with moving beyond “compliance thinking”. Within a short period of working together, clients see their business in a new light. Real, measurable results emerge.
Additionally, when clients decide it is time to transition or exit a particular venture, Ron has the transactional experience to assist clients in realizing optimum value.

Josh Bauerle, CPA – Business Development Leader

Josh Bauerle is a CPA and series 65 licensed financial advisor. Josh worked in a wide variety of accounting and advising positions prior starting CPA On Fire in December of 2012.

His passion is working with entrepreneurs to help them maximize their profits and minimize their tax liability. Josh also loves writing and talking with people. This site’s blog section is Josh’s attempt to combine all those things.

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