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What you need to know about Venture Capital Funds

Published by Ronald Parisi on May 19, 2023

A Venture Capital Fund is a group of investors who look for undervalued companies with the goal of investing in these companies and make them more profitable. 

At CPA on Fire, I speak with entrepreneurs about the three-legged stool in their business- 1.) Product or Service, 2.) Marketing and Sales, and 3.) Financial operations. As always, business owners primarily focus on their Product and Service,  and growing through Marketing & Sales. But the last piece, the necessary evil, Financial Operations seems neglected. 

Now that we’re talking about Venture Capital Funds, VC folks focus on the Financial Operations side of the target business. They want to see potential revenue and growth, they examine your financials, but they are also focus on forward-looking forecasts – how you’ve been able to measure up to those forecasts. It’s amazing to see how these VC firms are able to turbocharge profitability, and how they put proper emphasis on financial operations, forecasting & budgeting and on accountability.

At CPA on Fire, I’m sharing this with you to make sure that you’re paying attention to your Financial Operations. We’ve built a done for you solution, with our clients where we take the third leg of that stool in front of you, as the CEO, so that as you work on Product and Marketing, you don’t forget that third leg to maximize profitability. Whether you’re looking to exit in the future or plan a life-long business, it’s equally important to put financial operations front and center. 

For those who may have just joined us, we’re CPA on Fire, visit our website at If you’re looking for growth and want to maximize your profitability, we may be a solution for you to help you do that. 

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