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vCFO Services: A View From an 11-Year-Old

Published by Ronald Parisi on February 9, 2021

Recently my son came to me and asked what I do for work. Trying to explain the details of accounting to an 11-year-old is a losing battle, so instead I gave him an analogy that I think you all could learn from.


Accounting is like a football game – except both teams have the ball at the same time. And each team is scoring a touchdown every 3 seconds. And there is no scoreboard to keep track of how many points they score. Now imagine how hard it would be to figure out who is winning and how many points they have.


That is what it is like when you do not have control of your business’s finances. Each transaction is like another point being scored without a scoreboard to keep track of it all. It is nearly impossible.


This is where we come in. With our virtual CFO services, we make sure to keep track of all the points being scored by your business – aka your company’s transactions. This is to help take away the complexity of business financials to help you achieve transformational growth.


If you are looking for someone to take over your company’s “score keeping”, we would love for you to schedule a free financial review with us. It is only 15 minutes and can give you insight as to how we can help you as an entrepreneur.

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