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QuickBooks Online Price Increase

Published by Ronald Parisi on July 12, 2021

A few weeks ago, Intuit sent out an email regarding their pricing and promotional changes. We want to keep you apprised of any and all changes that could affect you, so we have outlined the adjustments being made. Depending on your subscription, you could see the increase as soon as July 15th.


What Are the Changes

Beginning July 15th, any new subscriptions, upgrades, or downgrades will see the new prices changes. August 1st, existing customers who pay QuickBooks directly will see these prices reflected. And finally, September 1st is when those who are billed on the wholesale discount will see the price changes.

There will be no change in pricing for the QuickBooks Online Self-Employed or Simple Start Plans. The QuickBooks Online Essentials and Plus plans are going up $10 each and will be $50 and $80, respectively. The Advanced plan will be going up $30 for a new retail price of $180.

They are also discontinuing the wholesale discount for any existing customers who decide to upgrade or downgrade their subscription. If you are billed under the wholesale discount, as long as you keep your current subscription, you will still be able to utilize that discount. Otherwise, you will be moved to the ProAdvisor Preferred Pricing program.

If you want to make changes to your subscription plan, do so before July 15th in order to be grandfathered into the wholesale discount program. Upgrading or downgrading after July 15th will result in forfeiture of that discount.



The change in plans and pricing can be confusing, but Intuit has laid out some good resources for help. They held a ProAdvisor Q&A event to answer some of the biggest questions – the video for that can be found here.

For more breakdowns and specifics, you can visit the Intuit QuickBooks website here.

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