“Most accounting firms like to tell you how experienced they are. They can’t say enough about themselves. Well we have crazy good people here, but our focus is always on Our Clients… YOU and YOUR RESULTS… In other words, nothing is more important than your outcomes.”
-Ron Parisi, Managing Member of CPA On Fire

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Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. how much time do I spend on my bookkeeping?
  2. Do I know how much money my business makes?
  3. Which are the most profitable parts of my business?
  4. What three things can I do to dramatically impact the profitability of my business?
  5. Am I saving money personally?
  6. Do I know how much money I can take from my business?
  7. Is my business optimized in reducing my annual tax liabilities?
  8. If the IRS audited my business today, what would my stress level be?
  9. Could I make a lot more money if I had more time to focus on my business?
  10. Could I benefit from having monthly financial advice from a CFO on my team?
  11. How much better night sleep if I knew all my financial needs were taken care of?


Coordination & Organization – our team will on-board your company, overtaking your bookkeeping, linking bank, credit card and processors accounts. Your life is extremely busy – working to grow your business, handle problems and satisfy customers. This is what we call the “off-loading” process. Where your to-do list shrinks, as our all-star team takes over some of the most complex, time consuming tasks of running your business.

Goals – we customize a set of 90 day and annual goals for you and your company. This is not a one size fits all process. Your company is as special to us as it is you. We’ll identify improvement areas, create forward-looking budgets and insure you stay focused on what is most important in your financial life.

Reporting & Analysis – we report the financial performance of your company via visual dashboards. No pouring over confusing financial statements with little insight gained. Our reports are color graphics in 30 seconds and you’ll know your company’s performance. We’ll perform monthly reconciliations. You’ll see how your company is operating, how the profits are flowing, and where the cash can be deployed.

Monthly Meetings & Dedicated Support – our special sauce is in your monthly meetings where you work on your business, not in it. This is where the “aha moments” happen – new insights, new perspectives and new profits arise. There is a reason every Fortune 500 company has a CFO. Every great company leader needs a financial expert on their team. Further, we’ll always be there to answer questions and work through concerns.

Witness the transformation of your company. Finally you’ll feel in control of the finances of your company. Restful sleep, knowing it is all handled. No more wondering and guessing about your company’s future and your’s.


Let’s talk about our team. Are you tired of working with large accounting firms that pass you from one associate to another? Having to explain your company over and over. Never feeling like anyone is really looking out for your best interests.

There is a lot of responsibility owning and running a business. You need the very best advice navigating all the decisions. Imagine having a CFO, a financial expert, on your team assisting you with complex financial choices. Someone who is in your corner.

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