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My Favorite Part of the Job

Published by Ronald Parisi on November 10, 2020

What We Do:

We are virtual CFOs for growing online entrepreneurs and businesses.

In the first phase of our onboarding, we take complex responsibilities and systematize them for our clients.

This takes the burden off the client and opens the door for the entrepreneurs to focus on the integral aspects of their business.

Then, we convert the entrepreneur’s financial operations into a succinct graphical dashboard system where they can make insights and valuations as to how the business is operating. This allows our clients to see their business in a new light and feel that they are in control of their financial operations.

By having these tools and using CPA On Fire as a resource, these entrepreneurs can look at their business and shift their thinking into exponential growth mode. They can focus on growing their business as opposed to simply running it. The utilization of the numbers and graphics we provide help our clients gain clarity.

Our entrepreneurs see major successes within the first 3 – 6 months of us working together. The dramatic impact we are having on their financials are resulting in transformational growth and profitability.


My Favorite Part:

Once our clients see their accomplishments in a short period of time, their imaginations start rolling.  I witness these entrepreneurs’ goals evolve into three main objectives:

  • The first involves having a wealth generation plan that they can work toward. This goes beyond a simple savings plan; this is a generational plan whose impact is greater than their own lifetime. We work together to develop a long-term plan to create, fund and decide how to influence.
  • The second objective that entrepreneurs strive for is giving back. Being able build relationships with charitable organizations and return to those who have helped build them up along the way always leaves a sense of gratitude with successful entrepreneurs. CPA On Fire is here to help clients be able to develop and maintain those charitable relationships.
  • The third objective is to help fund other entrepreneurs through venture capital funding. Entrepreneurs want to build off their successes and use their own experiences, business acumen and funds to support newer entrepreneurs.  VC funding creates a platform for exponential growth utilizing others’ passions and efforts in a turned business model. This goes along with the concept of ‘The Who, Not How’ that we will be talking about in our blog next week.


Our clients realize the proper growth mindset combined with the right financial team leads to expansion in uncontemplated ways.  Our job at CPA On Fire is to make sure that all of those goals and objectives are realized and met. That is my favorite part of the job.


CPA on Fire is John Lee Dumas’s (of Entrepreneurs on Fire) accountant.  We help online entrepreneurs lead awesome lives by taking away the complexity and bringing insight to their financial life. If you are interested in our services, schedule an exploration call at

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