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Is Everyone More Successful Than You?

Published by Ronald Parisi on May 3, 2021

The Comparison Game

In these days where you can rent a Lamborghini for an afternoon photoshoot, be careful not to compare yourself to others. The small moments captured on photo do not tell the whole picture, especially when it comes to financial performance. It can be easy to see other entrepreneurs in your space being more successful than you. Do you find yourself asking “why am I not as successful as everyone else”? This can be a dangerous game that can tank your mental state.


It is relatively easy to trick social media followers into thinking you have it made. You can even trick family members. But the truth is always seen by your CPA. At CPA On Fire, as vCFOs, we see all books and records – payroll and net income (or lack thereof). While you might see a fellow entrepreneur posting pictures of a brand-new Ferrari, also understand what you do not see. You are contributing to a retirement fund, your bills are all paid, and your business is consistently growing. Yeah, maybe you do not own an expensive car yet, but neither does the person you are comparing yourself to.


What Success Looks Like

It is important to understand that success looks different for every single person. You have to do what you need in order for YOU to be successful, which is different than what another entrepreneur needs to do. No goal is too big, but there are unrealistic time expectations that you can set. Do not get lost in a comparison cycle trying to catch up to others.


Your mindset is essential to your success. It is very important to understand your numbers; what is working in your business and what is not. The last place you want to be is in a position where you feel the need to show off as a façade. Showy does not necessarily equal successful. CPA On Fire can help you get a better understanding of your business’s numbers. Schedule a FREE financial review with us and take your first step toward financial clarity.

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