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How A vCFO Prepares for A Podcast Appearance

Published by Ronald Parisi on March 2, 2021

Getting Started:

I have been getting ready for another guest appearance on Clay Clark’s Thrivetime Show Podcast and while doing that, thought I would share my experience with you. The Thrivetime Show Podcast has over 500,000 monthly downloads, so it can be daunting to think about speaking to that many people. I have been on a few different podcasts over the years, but it can still be intimidating to prepare for.

How does one prepare for something like that when they offer such a complex set of services? That is my biggest challenge of podcast guest-starring. Here is how a vCFO prepares for a podcast appearance:

Clay Clark is a former DJ and is a high-paced guy – Dr. Z and him often rapid-fire questions at me, which keeps me on my toes. I never know exactly where the conversation might go, so I make sure to follow these three tips to help me stay on track:

  1. I stay business-owner focused: talking to the audience to make sure they get a clear message of how I can help them grow their business.
  2. Take the complex subject and make it something that others can understand. Tax terms and jargon can be a lot to grasp – that is why I make it as easy as possible for the listeners to understand my role as a vCFO.
  3. Stay relatable and personable: No one wants to listen to a bland sales pitch from someone. I try to find the best balance between not being too salesy and relaying how important my job as a vCFO is.

In Conclusion:

I have been helping entrepreneurs for 20 years, so I just rely on my experiences and knowledge to help me keep my cool during the show. I have put the work in, and I have witnesses how our services helped my clients with their success.

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