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Employee Hostage Situations

Published by Ronald Parisi on February 23, 2021

A large reason, that is often overlooked, to outsource your CFO and accounting services is to avoid Employee Hostage Situations.


An Employee Hostage Situation is a circumstance where a business is held “hostage” by an employee due to their knowledge of business procedures, numbers, and/or systems. The loss of that employee – either due to quitting or being fired – could result in severe damage for the business. This predicament can be intimidating for an entrepreneur and business owner.


When it comes to your financials, it can be dangerous for just one person to hold all that knowledge. When you outsource to a company, you have that security blanket of knowing you will not be held “hostage” by a rogue employee.


At CPA On Fire, we make sure you feel confident in your choice with us as your virtual CFO. Being an entrepreneur is demanding enough as it is. You should not have to worry about the security of your financials.


If you are looking to find that security blanket, schedule a free 15-minute financial review with us. We will show you how we can completely change your profit trajectory to grow your business exponentially, while keeping you confident that you are making a safe decision for your business. Visit our website or give us a call at 419-559-8775.

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