Virtual CFO our services are absolutely incredible we have services packages and go to our website you can see right there that are all of our packages. That first week we want you to do is want to schedule your free financial review. That is can it be the no-brainer and that’s can be what you want to do because this is absolutely can to give you some excellent insight on what is happening in the world and why it is happening in the world and what we can do and how we can help you because we want to be doing that and said that Juergen is here service packages you can also see our blog we have an excellent blog that we work on and that is a key thing for us and some of the things that people set in the news about us is what you also I know. We’re entrepreneurs on fire and we have our income report and all of the things that you can see on our website and is media come back to our service packages.

And that service package can tell you all of the things that we offer. Virtual CFO the things that we offer going to be so exciting to you to be just tickled pink and you to be so happy that we were able to assist you and help you in so many ways so some of the packages are you can have the virtual CFO service and that service is it to bring do everything for you. Really like your accounting your CFO were in have everything that you possibly could possibly need in this be doing be doing monthly financials for you. Regular meetings to work on your business will be working on your business at work so we work in your business so that you can work on your business that is what most’s goal is we are so excited that we can do this.

We also have our business reporting advisory service this service is a wonderful thing and we love it so much. This is not that this is more like that middle tier doesn’t include everything and what it does is like the middle of the probably our best seller. We are going to have a strategic approach that we work on that we work together to make sure that you have all these things in that we are growing your business and that business is being grown very healthily. We want to be doing that because we are going to be taking deliberate approach on how to work on different things because we that’s what we are going to be doing more excited about that because we want to be doing that at all times.

This is very exciting because working on this day in and day out and so but that’s can have is were any gauge and strategic approach. Be working on you help you with that you get some monthly bookkeeping who doesn’t want a load help their bookkeeping. Virtual CFO with that your also to get monthly bank reconciliations and those reconciliation to be so wonderful because you love having those also be accessing your monthly financial reports that can be all three of our packages that you’re going to have that and that’s can be an exciting thing.

Our website is easy to be found or call us on our phone number 419.559.8775. Were excited for you to call so that we can go over all the other options and all the other ways we can help you.

Virtual CFO | What Typ of Innovation Are You Bringing?

Virtual CFO here’s the things that we are working on and we are doing because we want to be doing that we are working on these over and over again because we want to make sure we make. They are doing that because we are having a dashboard and we are for that to work over and over again we have a one-on-one review calls we like that is when review calls because doing that we are working on together and we are doing that because we want that to be happening. So the next our last and final package you can be what we call the kickoff plan and that kickoff plan is going to be an is get it just be a great little place to start it’s not can be where it’s not where you start but where you finish and we want to be helping you finish strong and matters is very key because we want you to be in the game five fighting.

In your world is can a change to be so excited because your world is about to change you hired us. Because you are just be so happy and things are not be feeding the talking and working on office types of things that could be a wonderful thing because we are going to be working together to make that kickoff plan that work at the Fleet Bank reconciliations all three of our plans what they are doing our first man our second plan which is the most important and our third plan. Virtual CFO and so all of these plans in our top planner our number one level which at some point Juergen want your business to be there because whenever your business is here and you need this in your business is growing in between and you’re leveraging yourself in your become scalable.

So whenever you become scalable you need things like you can want and you need so you need to maximize the wealth generation of your business and what that means is that you can be on such a fast track to be so exciting that this fast-track and people can be working on this fast tracking fast track in every minute and all the things it can do in the morning to create energy budget forecast that so exciting for so exciting. And were to be way better than the weatherman you can count on that the weatherman doesn’t usually know what that are talking about orderly forecasting have you ever been in a place where it’s get the weather can change it for 15 minutes were that’s not really doing our forecast really forecasting we can lean in is not like an active mother nature.

So without that active mother nature they would also be doing email support coming how bogged down are you but email. Such a pain in the rear lights have already know I don’t like all that emails really no one does. The remedy one-on-one review calls and that means is where we reviewing on our one-on-one sessions for the calls and it’s just can be so powerful it would have a dashboard at your I have over you don’t need overly complex financials that’s not necessary and we don’t want that to be the case for you either. Virtual CFO and were constantly working and looking at all the great things that we can do because that is important to ask we need to lean 100% and about just leaned debuting

Our website is easy to be found or call us on our phone number 419.559.8775. Call us now!

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